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What is CARF?
CARF is a private, not-for-profit organization that promotes quality rehabilitation services by establishing guideline standards for organizations to use in developing and offering programs or services to consumers. CARF uses these standards to determine how well an organization is serving its consumers and how the organization can improve.
CARF standards are developed with input from consumers, rehabilitation professionals, state and national organizations and other funding sources. Each year the standards are reviewed and new standards are developed to keep pace with changing conditions and consumer needs.

What Does it Mean to be Accredited?
Once an organization applies for service or program accreditation, CARF sends professionals to conduct an on-site survey to determine the degree to which the organization meets the standards. CARF surveyors also consult with staff members and offer suggestions for improving the quality of the organization's services.
CARF-accredited programs and services have demonstrated that they substantially meet internationally recognized standards. CARF accreditation means that you can be confident that an organization has made a commitment to continually enhance the quality of its services and programs, and focus is on consumer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Accreditation to You, the Service Consumer
Choosing CARF-accredited programs and services gives you the assurance that:

Employment Opportunities

WorkSource Enterprises is committed to recruiting and retaining talented and dedicated staff members who share the organization’s desire to maximize the vocational potential of individuals with disabilities.
WorkSource posts all position vacancies internally and maintains a staff referral program that provides incentives for current staff members to participate in recruitment efforts.

Currently, WorkSource posts all vacancies on  Professional positions are also posted to the Center for Nonprofit Excellence website –  

WorkSource Enterprises Employment Application
          • Application Form (PDF)
          • Application Form (DOC)

WorkSource is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that maintains an Affirmative Action Plan.

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